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I was raised in Pensacola, FL and I graduated from Tate High School in 1997. I attended Florida State University, and graduated in 2001, with a degree in Early Childhood Education. After graduating I came back to Pensacola and began my teaching career at Sid Nelson Pre-Kindergarten Learning Center in 2001. I taught Pre-K there for nine years. When Sid Nelson closed in 2010, I moved to Molino Park Elementary. I love working with the youngest kids in the district and getting them excited and ready to succeed in kindergarten. I live with my husband, Brian and our two children Riley and Elijah and our dogs Oscar and Max. 

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Mrs. Crites

& Mrs. Elizabeth

Room 309


ext. 251309

Jessica Crites

Pre-K Fashion Show Mrs. Crites' Class Part 1
Pre-K Fashion Show Mrs. Crites' Part 2
Pre-K Fashion Show FInale
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Study


1. Recognizes first name in print

2. Sings Alphabet Song  

3. Counts to 10 or higher

4. Identifies shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) 

6. Attempts to trace/draw shapes

7. Sorts by color or shape 

8. Begins to follow two step directions 

9. Learns and follows classroom rules

10. Names three or more classroom friends   

  • PE days are Monday & Friday.
  • Book Fair, September 3rd-13th. 
  • Open House, September 5th at 5:30.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser Sept. 9th-23rd. 
  • Kona Ice Day September 11th
  • Picture Day, September 18th
  • Community Helpers Day, September 27th

Play Doh!!!

Home Activities

Letters Everywhere: Find things that your child uses at home that have words on them, such as a tube of toothpaste, a game, or a toy. Point out and name some of the letters. Ask your child to repeat the letter names.                                                      How Do You Feel Today? Cut out sets of happy and sad faces and keep them somewhere safe. Ask your child how he/she feels each day after school. Discuss other feelings with your child mad, silly, scared.





straight line

curved line






compound word